Jay B. Huwieler

-Subversive Joy In Sly Words-




I started out as a Liberal, university student studying English Literature and Composition in Arkansas; I ended up an Electronic Warfare and Intelligence Professional targeting the enemies of the United States. What happened in between – the story of just how exactly I went from performing as a stand-up comic in college one summer, to then hunting the enemies of the United States across the globe – is the adventure of a lifetime, and it is the back-drop of everything in this blog. It is at times an entertaining story, the – “so no joke, there I was …” set-up that Soldiers are so prone to speaking from. Other times, it is really nothing more than the soliloquies of dharma bums, old buddies, and long pours of Bourbon.

I have been a Language specialist all my adult life – a journalist, an ESL teacher, an academic linguist at University, and a Military Linguist. I have also been a technologist – a hobbyist computer programmer, a graphic artist, and a military signals intelligence analyst; I’ve done a lot. Now, I tell stories about it.     

On the Blog

Foreign Affairs. Security. Tech – three topics I examine every month. Sometimes serious, sometimes with a twist. I focus on everything from current events, to domestic policies, to technologies, security postures and defense developments. The ideas contained herein are my own, so then again are any mistakes. While I strive to be measured, fair, and accurate, If I have committed factual misunderstanding, or glaring omission of fact, I assure you it was not due to cherry-picking of evidence or by malicious intent to manipulate; more apt, it was ignorance. Forgive me.


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